Australian Lawn Care: Easy to Follow Steps

Having a nice, well-put-together lawn can be an important status symbol. It can help you look well put-together, or simply shows off how caring you are. Winter is a very harsh time for a nice lawn, but there are ways to keep it still together. You can have your nice lawn back in Spring without much issue! In this article are some easy to follow steps on how you can still care for your lawn despite the harsher weather and dryness of the with lawn

Australian Winters in A Nutshell

Winter in Australia is from around June to August, which is part of the dry season. The dry season can feature snow in some areas, plain dryness in others. It is typically cooler and can be quite harsh on lawns.

While this article is written for those enduring the harsh, or temperate, Australian winter, it can still apply to other places that experience a similar winter. Winter affects lawns no matter where it is, because of the climate change, whether it is drastic or not.

The Issue with Lawns in Winter

Winter means weather change and lack of growth. It freezes, or chills, the ground to ensure that the plants have no moisture. Along with the change in weather comes a multitude of bad weeds that make the soil even worse for planting and growing later on.

winter lawn

Prepare in Advance! Why Autumn Care Is Important
It can be harder to take care of your lawn in winter, so it is important to prepare in advance. Autumn (Fall), is a great time to prepare for the change in weather. The weather starts to change during autumn, but it is a lot more gradual; making it easier to ease into the care routine needed.

Winter Lawn Care Tips

Before I get into the steps for, I’ll vaguely mention what they are and how they can help, along with other tips provided by one of the industry experts, Maintain Me. Ensure that you do not cut the grass too short so it can increase food intake, try not to water it too much when the air cools, fertilise properly, and, finally, be careful of weeds.

Steps to Follow:

1. Watch the height – Allow the lawn to grow a little! Or, keep the lawn mower a little bit higher than usual. If you mow the grass frequently and leave it short, then it lowers the amount of food the grass can get from photosynthesis. So, it is important to allow the grass to grow a little more than usual.

2. Lower how much you water as temperature changes – As the weather becomes drier it may make sense to increase how much you water your garden, but that is wrong! Overwatering can help ruin the ground and cause rotting. If you want to prevent the ground from becoming diseased, then you should decrease water as the temperature drops.

3. Get rid of winter grass – The reason why I put this step ahead of the other weeds is that winter grass should be treated in autumn, just before winter. How do you treat it when it hasn’t appeared yet? Use chemicals beforehand or wait and weed them by hand. Waiting for them to can be dangerous and risky, though, since they can start taking vitamins and nutrients out of the soil. If they cause enough damage, it can be hard to repair.

lawn planting with fork

4. Ensure you fertilise – Fertilising should continue all year round, even in the winter. There are specific winter fertilisers that can be used just before winter to help the Iron levels stay high. Iron is essential for the soil to stay healthy in winter.

5. Watch for winter weeds! – After you manage the winter grass, you are left with a variety of other weeds that grow in winter. Ensure that you take care of them before they can cause damage; don’t let them spread. Your lawn cannot fight against these weeds when the winter dryness damages it, so you have to be careful to stop it soon.

6. Plan ahead – As winter progresses, a multitude of weeds began to grow and suck the life out of roots and soil. Weeds take the nutrients out of the soil, which makes it nearly impossible for your plants and grass to grow back after winter is over.

Having a good lawn can improve the image of a house, so it makes sense that so many people want a nice lawn. Winter makes it harder to take care of your lawn, but it does not make it impossible. So, ensure that you are vigilant and continue to care for it throughout the season.

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